What Clients Say

At the heart of every therapeutic journey lies the impact it makes on individual lives. We deeply value the experiences and feedback of our clients. Here, you'll find genuine testimonials that shed light on the transformative effects of Christy's counseling approach. Read on to discover real stories of healing, growth, and renewed connections from those who've benefited from sessions with Christy.

Kalyn M.
“Christy Hill is the BEST therapist. She is both scientifically knowledgeable AND extremely wise. She is engaged during sessions and shows she genuinely cares about me as her client. She has given me so many practical tools to help me with my social anxiety,
parenting struggles, self-esteem & dating challenges. My sessions with her are not a place for me to complain & gossip about difficult people or situations instead she directs sessions toward solution-based personal work and growth. She will also point out unhealthy patterns and behaviors that I may have described rather than ignore it and tell me what she thinks I would like to hear. I appreciate her wisdom, tools, and gentle honesty the most. I came to therapy to improve, not to stay the same.
So grateful to God for placing me under her therapy wing, everyone needs a Christy Hill in their life!”
Kristine N.
“Working with Christy has been an amazing experience beyond words! From the very first session, Christy’s warm and empathetic nature created an instant connection that set the tone for our journey together. It was clear that she genuinely cared about making a
profound difference in my life. She created a safe and non-judgmental space and was the first therapist I ever had whom I felt comfortable opening up and sharing my deepest insecurities and vulnerabilities. Christy played an integral role in helping me gain a deeper understanding of the underlying factors contributing to my struggles with low self-esteem. Her positive influence has been
instrumental in guiding me toward overcoming my negative self-talk and unhealthy habits, leading me toward a life of greater well-being and personal growth. Throughout our sessions, Christy consistently went above and beyond to ensure that I felt supported not only working together, but also outside of our therapy sessions
as well she recommended helpful resources, such as books, support groups, and additional mental health services, that complimented our work together. If you’re in search of a therapist to embodies compassion, skill, and unwavering support, I wholeheartedly recommend Christy! Her transformative influence has been truly
remarkable, and I am forever grateful for our relationship and the positive changes she has brought into my life, and unwavering support, I wholeheartedly recommend Christy! Her transformative influence has been truly remarkable, and I am forever grateful for our relationship and the positive changes she has brought into my life!”
Danielle C.
“I am very thankful I got to meet Christy and that I was paired to work with her. My journey started in May of 2022. Christy helped me feel comfortable from the very beginning. She is the first therapist I've worked with. Christy has helped me by guiding me, and being a voice of reason, and she continues to coach me through my obstacles. What I like most about working with Christy is the energy she brings to our sessions. She has a calming presence and I know when I'm talking to her, she truly wants to help me. She is so sweet, caring, and intelligent. When I first started therapy, I had gone through some panic attacks that I didn't even know were panic attacks at the time. I finally decided it was time to go to therapy. I knew I wanted to work on myself and my relationships
with family and friends. As I write this, I can say it's emotional to think about how much progress I have made with Christy there to support me. I have improved my relationship with my parents. My parents were divorced when I was a kid and I was also preyed upon by a family friend who lived with me and my family. My relationships with my parents were strained, but I knew I wanted to
work on it. My relationship with my mom has grown so much. My dad and I have a better relationship than I did a year ago. I also continue to make progress with my siblings. We have been through a lot together, but growing up we didn't always agree with each other. I have worked to rebuild my relationship with my two siblings,and I know Christy will continue to guide me. Not only
have I made progress with relationships, but I have made progress with myself. I have reached goals that I didn't think I could. I continue to make progress with my self-esteem, and I couldn't be more thankful to Christy for her help on my journey.”
Alan M.
“I’m a first-generation Latino in my mid-20s and mental health wasn’t talked about much in my family. I will never forget the first day I first stepped into the room with Christy. I got emotional and her ability to create a space safe enough for me to disclose my thoughts and feelings is an experience I’ll never forget. I could tell she was present and engaged ready to hear what I had to say. She helped me feel seen and heard and helped validate
experiences that I had been so confused about for so long. She’s open, empathetic, engaging, and (upon request) helped challenge me and provide me with different perspectives. She’s helped me feel confident in myself and my decision-making. However, she helped me
explore my thought process and viewpoints and helped me identify more specifically how I felt or what I was truly looking for. One of the things I love most is that she helps me set realistic goals and expectations for myself as well as keeps me accountable for the work that needs to be done. I could not have asked for a better first experience. She’s amazing.”